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'IShow previews' March 2020


An Awakening
Rochelle Belsito

A new exhibition, titled An Awakening, at RJD Gallery in Bridgehampton, New York, brings to light the idea that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” Through artwork featuring figures and wildlife, the five artists in the show—Kris Lewis, Jorge Santos, Geoffrey Laurence, Margo Selski and Tyler Vouros—delve deep into the inner psyche of their subjects to present something beyond the surface.
Mago, the gallery curator, elaborates, “Eyes always reveal a temporary glimpse into the soul, and through their artworks, each of these artists shares a peek into their sensitivity and inner world. These paintings utilize varied media, and yet all share supremely assured, luscious brushwork and vibrant, unimaginably deep patina and
the background. Explaining the piece, the artist says, “This particular bird projected an elegant bearing that demanded representation on an immersive scale. The magnitude of this piece allows full exploration in constructing tactile illusions describing each perceptible surface. With the overall brightness of the white snowy owl, I was challenged by how much to reveal in the interplay of texture and pattern of the feather structure with the addition of dramatic lighting cascading across the plumage. The owl is surround by sections of Old Master landscape, which felt like the perfect complement to such a magnificent creature. Instead of just a fleeting glimpse of this bird, in the natural environment, their majesty is poised, frozen in time.”
Laurence painted Interior, After Degas after a work by the French artist that is in the collection of Philadelphia Museum of Art. Degas’ piece, titled Interior, features a sensitive subject matter with a woman in a bedroom partially undressed and a man dressed standing in the doorway—it is also has been known by the title The Rape.
Laurence says, “I started this piece a year before the movement of #MeToo suddenly exploded with its subsequent outing in the media of the long-suffered abuse of women by powerful men and the focus on the inequality that women face every day in what is still a male-dominated world... In my painting, just as in his, we are keenly aware of an event having taken place in a bedroom, possibly sexual, and that both the woman and the man are trapped in their very differing conceptions of what has just passed between them emotionally. We are not sure whether abuse or disappointment has occurred toward either; it’s up to the viewer to decide.”
An Awakening will be on view March 21 through April 17. •
RJD Gallery 2385 Main Street • Bridgehampton, NY 11932 • (631) 725-1161 • www.rjdgallery.com


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