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showing contemporary figurative art. Realist paintings of nudes, portraits and still lives plus 'The Holocaust Series'. Fine art nude ,contemporary realism, figurative, paintings, , artist, oilpaintings, male, painted, female, portrait, still life, life drawings, charcoal, pastel, oil paint, classical. Geoffrey is a classically trained figurative artist working in oils.


Contemporary realism, Life drawing and Figure Painting

have been Geoffrey Laurence’s primary means of artistic expression ever since he trained in painting, graphic design, photography and printmaking from 1967 to 1972 in London. For the next 20 years in London, he also worked in various industries “trying to make a living” as a photographer, fashion designer, interior designer, and illustrator.

While thoroughly enjoying the classical paintings he found in the London National Gallery and Portrait museums, he pondered how to assimilate modernist and classicist approaches to the figure. Both seemed equally legitimate visual responses to the world and its wonders. How could they be put together rather than having one cancel out the other? He was at that time surrounded first by pop art and then by minimalism and conceptual art. The art adventures of his contemporaries were of no help to him, and none of the London galleries seemed interested in life drawings and life paintings or his type of contemporary realism.

He has said he was much drawn to the works of the Symbolist movement of the 19th century and the contemporary realism of Francis Bacon, Eric Fischl and Lucien Freud, all of whom were starting to get some vague interest and attention in the art world at that time. Like them, he wanted to create narrative paintings to express common emotional themes: fear, envy, loneliness. He decided to return to formal study and attended the New York Academy where he received an MFA Cum Laude and chose to move permanently to the US.

Laurence sees himself not as a realist painter but rather as an “emotionalist.” His family background includes many victims of the Holocaust, yet he was unaware of his background until very recently. A number of his recent paintings are attempts to understand and express his Jewish identity and to voice in some way the many family members who were lost or displaced simply for being, like himself, Jewish.